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Teacher Integrity 

According to literature, it is a common misconception that children of certain SES communities, ethnic backgrounds, gender, and handicaps are not capable of learning a whole year's worth of standards in the short time they are in the classroom (Valencia, 2002). On the contrary, all children are capable to progress a year's worth of knowledge every year they are in school. Some can even make greater leaps forward.  The students' success in the classroom is greatly based on the teacher input in every child's experience in the classroom. I believe that the greatest tool for students' success is the teacher.

Deficit Thinking: Not Welcome Here

Instead of blaming the students' circumstances, where they were raised, how many parents they had, what types of foods they have growing up, teachers need to assess their students and give proper innovative instruction that is stemmed from many educational theories and strategies.  Radical change is necessary to create a learning environment where every student feels comfortable and loved to be able to grow and develop as an academic.

Problem Solvers

As adults live in a society together, students also live in a community with their peers.  They should be taught to work, learn, and solve problems with their peers in a community based learning style. Also, according to Perrera (2008), there is a mismatch between faculty and expectations for students, and students' perceptions of the expectations teachers have for them. This means that it is crucial for the students' success that a detailed, continuous dialogue between teachers and students exist.

During these dialogues, students should be challenged to think about how the work they do in the classroom will help them in solving real-life problems such as hunger, managing scarce resources, inflation, and social equality.  The ability to developing awareness and critically thinking on how to solve problems such as problems we are face with today requires great skills from all subjects introduced in school. Overall, students are learning not only for their own good, but for the good of the others in the world.

Fun Facts!

I am 26 years-old. 

I love to read (Happy Potter is my favorite)!!

I was born in Armenia.

I speak, read, and write in Korean. 

Dance is my favorite type of exercise. 

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  1. Love this! I am putting together my blog post today (about you) and I love your philosophy. I too, am an immigrant and English is my second language. I stand by your philosophy and embrace it wholeheartedly.