Saturday, November 28, 2015

We All Need it, We've All Been Waiting for It! Cyber Sale 2015 Here We Come!

I am happy to say that 55 AMAZING TPT teachers have come together to bring you an amazing cyber sales from November 30th-December 1st! It's an exciting time because our stores will be 20% off, and Teachers Pay Teachers is also offering an extra discount on top of all that!

Download the PDF to access the 55 clickable TPT stores to amazing creators!

When you click my store, make sure to visit the Addition Printables resource! It is becoming a top seller, and my students can't have enough of these no prep math printables.  

This resources is broken up into four parts that develop in a way so that the students are writing complete number sentences by the end.  To start, the students learn to add 0.  There are 4 pages on adding 0. 

After the students add 0, they begin to add 1. The students will have 4 pages of adding 1 to a number less than 10. The goal is for students to be able to know the sums of these number sentences almost immediately as they see it. 

The next step is for the students to add to 10.  Instead of using their fingers, I have the students practice using dice, dominoes, and pictures.  The students also have another 4 pages of adding to 10. 

The last step is to have the students write number sentences.  This section has 5 pages to ensure the students are doing their job creating number sentences by using pictures, dominoes, and dice. 

The last part of this resource is the Writing Number Sentences section.  This is when my students and I start talking about "equations, addends, sums, and everything in between".  This resource has developed in a way so students are perfectly capable of creating these number sentences.  

Well, I hope you have an awesome Cyber Sale! If you enjoyed the Addition Printables, make sure to come back for the Counting & Number Sense Printables.  Until next time!

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