Sunday, November 1, 2015

October Favorites

After scrolling through my Instagram account on Halloween, I noticed how so many of my teacher friends were so tired at the end of October.  Meme after meme, picture after picture, teachers posted about how fun their Fall carnivals were, what costumes their students wore, and how much time they spent preparing for the end of the month.

I totally felt the same way! Boy, was I tired! We had our Jog-a-thon, Halloween parade, and our Fall Carnival all in one week. 

October was a great month! It feels like my students are growing in more ways than one, and I feel like maybe there are a few products that I used that helped them develop their academic skills. I wanted to list out what really worked in October, kind of like an October favorites post. 

My First Grade Team

Here is our first grade team. I love them!! I couldn't have my very first favorites post without mentioning my team.  They are crazy, fun, cool, sweet, and intelligent all put into one.  I couldn't imagine teaching at school without them. :) 

Daily Math Word Problem of the Day

This was easily the best thing I ever did for my students. I decided to create these because I noticed that my students were having a hard time completing the easiest word problems in their Common Core GO MATH books. I wanted them to be confident in their math skills, so I decided to have them practice one every day!

So every day in October, my students and I have been doing a math problem of the day.  They are getting better at reading math problems, identifying if the problem is an addition or subtraction problem,  and so much more! 

I taught my students to highlight or circle the numbers in the word problems.  When they do this, they have an easier time identifying what to do with those numbers instead of constantly thinking about what numbers they will be working with. 

Every week, I also rip out one of the pages of all the books, and I post it on our math word wall. The students feel really proud of their work when I do that. The best part is that the students never complain about Word Problem of the Day time. 

To get this growing bundle, click here.  You can actually get it on sale in the next couple of hours. 

Main Idea Anchor Chart
The next favorite is actually not a product, but an anchor chart!  I use anchor charts all the time, and if you want to check out my post about all of my anchor charts for October in my room, click here for the Chart it, Show it Post.

This was mine and my students favorite anchor chart. It's a very simple graphic organizer, but my students loved that I drew pictures and wrote in the bubbles. They were able to grasp main idea and informational text a little better after this anchor chart. I also constantly go back and refer to it. 

Trader Joe's Plantain Chips

This one is totally unrelated to teaching, but they were totally what got me through 2 weeks of Whole 30 eating! They are such a healthy and delicious snack, that I still ate them after the Whole 30.  

Well, this was my first monthly favorites post.  Let me know what was your favorite part of October in the comments section below! How were your Fall festivities?

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