Monday, November 30, 2015

December Goodies for Under $2

The Teachers Pay Teachers Cyber Monday sale has begun! Make sure to get all the necessary goodies with savings!! What I always do before any sale is look ahead in my curriculum map and see what resources I will need for the concepts I will be teaching! It's so much easier to purchase items during a sale than the day before I am supposed to teach it. Not that any of us so do that, of course! :P

Some favorites of mine for this time are fix it sentences, writing prompts, word problems, and addition/subtraction practice problems. I don't want my students to go on their three week break without that strong foundation. That is why those concepts are taught with urgency. I need my students to know how to write beautiful complete sentences by January because that is when we start our expository and narrative writing units. How can they complete an expository prompt if they cannot write a basic sentence appropriately? 

To check out the resources mentioned above, be sure to click on the following links: Fix it Sentences, Addition Printables, Addition/Subtraction Printables, Picture Prompts

Until next time! 

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