Saturday, November 28, 2015

Carted up and Wishlist Ready to Go!

We ate the food, we got our rest, and now we have to mentally prepare ourselves to get back in the hustle and bustle of the school flow! This sale couldn't have come at a better time!  We get to save a ton of time purchasing resources right at our fingertips instead of being burdened of scavenging for resources for our lovely kiddos. We love them, but we love our time with family just a little bit more.

For this post, I've linked up with the amazing Jen from Teaching in the Tongass to bring you the top three wish listed items from my store. Along with listing the items, I will leave leave feedback from those who purchased the items so you can get a better sense of what the resources are used for.

My number one wish listed item from my store is the Book Report for Early Readers.  This 7 page product is exactly what my students need for the Common Core Reading Literature Standards. If they can successfully fill this out on their own, then they have come a long way in first grade. Within the resource, the students are also assessed on their language standards such as filling out adjectives to describe the characters.  

This was also one of the first resources I uploaded when I began selling on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I had created this item to use during an observation of a lesson for a teaching award I was nominated for in my first year of teaching.  After I won the award, my observation notes mentioned how amazing the students were doing with the resource.  It includes a writing rubric for the students to complete during the entire process. 

My observer mentioned that my 6 year olds were doing a better job using the rubric that high school students she had observed. 

The 2nd most wishlisted item is surprising because it is so new to my store. I posted my Unit 2: Addition Printables to my store a couple months ago, and it took off. 

I have gotten rave reviews from my parents and students about this resource. Instead of using manipulatives during math centers, some of my students even choose to these printables.  The scaffolding, differentiated nature of this resource results in students starting with adding 0 to writing complete number sentences on their own.  

 It is also completely Common Core aligned! 

My third most wishlisted item is the  Picture Prompts: A Vocabulary and Language Building Writing Activity. 

I'm in a special population where almost 100% of our students are English Language Learners and they need a lot of CELDT practice. If you are not familiar, that is a yearly English Proficiency test for California students.  It's important to keep pushing our students to improve their English Language proficiency, and the two hardest things for them are writing and vocabulary.  This resource makes it that much easier for them to excel. 

Make sure to follow my store for new resources and sales. Most importantly do not forget about the Teachers Pay Teachers sitewide sale! Everything will be 28% off, so scroll through your wishlist and see what your students and you cannot do without! Use the code 'smile' at checkout for automatic discounts. Love you all! Till next time! 

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