Friday, October 23, 2015

Five for Friday {October 23}

I'm back, I'm back, and you can't hold me back! *in the loudest singing voice* Once again, I'm pairing up with Doodle Bugs Teaching  for Five for Friday Linky Party. 

It has been an extremely difficult September and October for my family and me! Regardless, our trust and faith in God have gotten us through such a difficult time, and I am so happy to be back blogging for my wonderful teacher friends! And yes....teacher friends are the words I use when I speak to my students about you. :) 

After my grandma's passing, I thought I wouldn't be able to smile and laugh for months ahead, but today at work we had the 11th Annual Jog-athon.  And laugh, I did. :) It is is the most awesome thing to happen at a school. Kids raise money for their classrooms, run for exercise, and parents bond with their kids while they run together. It doesn't get any better than that. 
To gauge the laps students ran, I safety pinned this paper on the back of the students' back, and marked their lap as they ran. It's so much easier than carrying a clip board! :) Next year, I might even run with them. :) 

My students are going to poop their pants when they see that I got them these books as gifts for Halloween. Yes, they will. My students are so sweet! Anytime I get them anything, it could be a pretzel, they get so excited!! That's one of the best things about teaching in an underserved community. The kids are so thankful! Anyways, I got each book for a dollar from Scholastic Book Orders, and I love them! I plan on wrapping them in paper and giving it to the students Friday the 30th. 
Don't mind the grainy photo. I took it with my phone and posted it on my Instagram.  :)

Let me just start off saying that I am normal. :) Whatever that may mean. I may be 26 years old, but I am so in love with this Disney TV show.  I grew up watching Boy Meets World, so I thought to give this show a go.  Netflix made it too easy!  It was an attempt to cheer up my mood from the situation mentioned above, and it worked wonders. It may have been created for kids, but the episodes are so deep. Every episode gets me so close to tears because of the wonderful message it delivers every time. Plus, Cory is a history teacher, and it's hilarious to see how unreal they made the teacher position. 

I was gone for a a week and a few days, and this math packet I created for my class was a life saver! My sub left notes of how my students asked to do this packet, and they chose it as one of their centers! That's what success feels like to me...when I create something and my students love it while being challenged all the same. If your students have trouble with counting forward, counting backwards, counting up to 20, and writing numbers 1-40, then this might be perfect for your class too. Find it here.

The craziest thing happened! I opened my youtube channel up, and noticed that I had over 500 subscribers!!! That is insane because I haven't added any new videos, and it's just something I do when I'm super bored. :) Since I moved schools, I haven't had any time because my job is so much more demanding now. I say this is the best possible way. :) I love me my tasks. :) 

Anyways, that was my week in a handful. Til next time! 

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