Saturday, August 1, 2015

My Fairytale Wedding

Hello! If you read my first post on my blog, then you know that my blog takes me to a happy place.  I could stare at it for hours...not because Laine from A Little Piece of Africa did the most spectacular job, but because of the colors!! I have a green/mint/gold/and peach theme going, and those were also the colors of my wedding which was January 2015.  Every time I look at my blog, I'm reminded of our fairytale wedding.  

Wedding Trailer

I call it our fairytale wedding not because it was pricey or elegant, but because all the planning happened as if a fairy God mother planned it for me, and all I had to do was stand and wait for my rags to be transformed into a beautiful ball gown. I know that God had a hand in everything, because not a single issue came up!  I was able to relax, party, dance, and enjoy every single second of our celebration.  

This may have been my experience because I planned and executed this wedding like I plan teaching.  You guys know how it goes...You make lists on what you need to get accomplished, you have an end objective, you make charts, plans, back up plans, and then start your lessons.  The magic to teaching is not that part, but what you do once the lesson starts.  Things don't exactly go as planned all the time, and we just have to roll with the changes.  So that's what I did for my wedding. 

When I taught my first year in first grade, I was told by my graduate advisor that nothing needs to be perfect because the 6 year olds will not tell the difference.  That was excellent advice for my first year in first grade and also my life! Growing up I used to be a perfectionist. I would spend hours perfecting my dance routines, creating the most beautiful centerfold page in the school newspaper, or my papers in AP classes, and I cannot confidently say that the extra hours I spent to be "perfect" paid off.  It just wasn't worth it. 

Don't get me wrong! I am an extremely hard-worker, and I give it my all almost 100% of the time (everybody has those days), but I spend less hours worrying about "what if it's not perfect," or "how will others view me?"  So that was my attitude towards the wedding.  I had done all of the planning ahead of time, and now it was time to party. And party I did. :) 

I literally spent less than $40 on decorating the ceremony location. I picked a location that had both ceremony and the reception was on the same site, AND that the ceremony location was already beautiful as is.   Those branches on the that structure are all natural, so it was so beautiful!

 I would be a total liar if I said I wasn't nervous about the traditional Bridal Armenian dance I was going to perform for my husband.  That was the scariest part about the wedding, but at that moment I was just thinking that the audience was going to get what they get, and that was the best I could do.

To get the dances going, our dj has the most fabulous idea of getting everyone on the dance floor to take group photos, and then to turn on the music in the middle! It was such a hit and it was wonderful to have the dancing start with a huge crowd of people.  The video of the entire event is so priceless.
Well, that was our fairytale wedding, and now you understand why I'm so crazy about my blog colors.  Until next time!

Venue: Carmel Mountain Ranch Country Club (San Diego, CA)
Photography: A StoryBook Moment Photography
Videography: Rugger Productions
Dress: Etsy
Hair: Sim Bilben from Jule Salon and Boutique
DJ: Battleson DJ
Florals: La Belle Bloom
Cake: Edelweiss Bakery


  1. Your wedding was beautiful!!!

    1. Thank you! :) Now, on to more content rich posts :)

  2. to echo the comment from Not JANE above, so so pretty! :-) So glad you had the most amazing day! :-)

  3. Oh my goodness! This is BEAUTIFUL! Your pictures and video are absolutely amazing! Congrats! May you both have endless years of happiness. :)