Thursday, April 9, 2015

Educator's Review: Donors Choose

I have come across the greatest thing on this planet for teachers!  I had heard about the not for profit organization called Donors Choose, but I haven't tried it until now.  It's a website that allows teachers to choose materials they need for their students, and post it online so people can log-on and help teachers out by donating money for the materials.

It was such an easy process for me.  I signed up, created a new project, posted a few paragraphs about my students, and added a picture of some of my students.  For my first project I wanted to get a class set of To Kill a Mockingbird, so that's what I had in my project.  I found the books on Amazon for a decent amount, and the amount came out to about $270.

Within a week of posting the project, I received word that the project was funded!  Three days later, I received my package from Amazon!  It was delivered to my school, and I was so excited.

Received the package 3 days later!
I just wish Erin Gruwell from Freedom Writers had been around for this website.

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