Thursday, March 12, 2015

Kahoot in the Classroom: Educator Review

What is it?

Kahoot is an online based computer program that students and teachers use to gauge academic standing. It's a response system, similar to iclickers (if you've used them in college), but it is more game-based. The students feel like they are playing a game against one another. The students all need a piece of technology to participate.  

How Does it Work?

This is an incredibly easy program to use for teachers and students. Teachers need to first go to the website, and create a free account. Then teachers can either choose an already created Kahoot game by searching for whatever they are looking for, or they can create their own. 

Screenshot of a quiz being created

How Can Teachers Use it?
Teachers can use Kahoot a couple of different ways. It can be used as a quiz at the end of the lesson for an understanding check.  Games of 10 questions or less usually last less 10 minutes, so they would be a great end of class assessment. It's super easy to set up or start up, and it's even easier to see the results. You can view them on the website, or you can download the results directly to your Google Drive. I usually do this at the end of every quiz because I like to compare my different periods. Kahoot can also be used as a review after a unit. 

Student Rating: 95% 

Teacher Rating: 90%

Is it Good for Learning?
Kahoot is not good for learning, but it is excellent for review, practice, and assessment. It's a great supplemental item, but it will not teach the students any new concepts they haven't previously been taught. 


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