Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Featured Teacher Tuesday: Sarah from Learning is for Superstars

Welcome back for another Featured Teacher Tuesday! This week, meet Sarah Hankinson from Learning is for Superstars!

Sarah and her husband, Josh, just had the adoption of their daughters finalized! They were foster parents for these girls for 414 days before they became a forever family.

2015-11-21 12.48.31.jpg

Sarah is in her fifteenth year of  teaching in central Virginia and is a Liberty University graduate. She taught 8 years in fourth grade before moving six years ago to first grade. She has an interesting group this year - a combination of first and second graders! All of these years have been at the same school.

Even with the busyness of life and teaching a combo class, she loves to create whenever possible!  The most popular item in her Teachers Pay Teachers store is her money pack for first graders. It is full of counting pennies, nickels, and dimes individually and in mixed groups. There are picture cards with money amounts to sort and match, along with printables for each coin. Since Sarah teaches in VA, which doesn’t have Common Core standards, this is designed to meet Standards of Learning for Virginia.

Another popular unit is her Benjamin Franklin pack, one of the famous Americans taught to first graders in Virginia, although the social studies standards change for next year! Included is an informational booklet, along with word/picture matching cards, word search, and comprehension questions.
Who doesn’t need a quick print and go, especially at this time of the year?! Look no further! Sarah’s Christmas print and go is perfect for your first graders! Full of 20 black and white printables, including labeling, beginning sounds, syllables, CVC words, writing prompts, alphabetical order, addition fact fluency, and word problems!

And for a winter freebie, which will last you past Christmas and into January! My children LOVE I Spy activities and this reviews distinguishing between long and short vowel sounds.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Featured Teacher Tuesday: Literacy and Lattes


Featured Teacher Tuesday is back from our Thanksgiving break!

This week we are featuring Elisabeth from Literacy and Lattes!

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Elisabeth has been teaching kindergarten and first grade for 11 years and is a National Board Certified Teacher.  For the past 4 years she has taught a literacy, science and social studies in a first grade classroom and provided one-on-one reading intervention in Reading Recovery.  Elisabeth is passionate about helping her students find a love of reading and making sure that each student feels loved and valued when they come to school each day.  

When she’s not in the classroom or creating products for her students, Elisabeth spends time with her husband and two crazy kiddos.  She loves to hike, read, watch Grey’s Anatomy, put monograms on basically everything and drink way too much coffee!

Shirring2015 28.jpg

Elisabeth is also a Teacher-Author on TpT.  You can find her store at Literacy and Lattes and she specializes in products for Reading Recovery/reading intervention and science in the primary classroom.  

Her newest product - Learning Letters with QR codes - is a perfect no prep literacy center.    
Highlight the Letter QR Code - lower case.jpg

Her best selling product - Reading Recovery and Small Group Data Collection and Planning -  includes everything you need to track data in reading intervention or guided reading groups.

Reading Recovery Forms Packet - PDF.jpg

Elisabeth also loves teaching science in the classroom and making materials for simple science lab investigations.  

Gummy Bear Investigation.jpg

ice cube lab recording sheet.jpg
Dancing Worms cover.jpg

Keep your literacy centers fun and engaging with the Super Fun Centers packs!
Alphabet and Sightword Game Bundle Cover.jpg

Sight Word Reader Preview.jpg

And how about some freebies?!?

Princess Preview.jpg

Student Reading Survey Cover.jpg

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See you next week, when we feature Sarah from Learning is for Superstars!

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Monday, November 30, 2015

December Goodies for Under $2

The Teachers Pay Teachers Cyber Monday sale has begun! Make sure to get all the necessary goodies with savings!! What I always do before any sale is look ahead in my curriculum map and see what resources I will need for the concepts I will be teaching! It's so much easier to purchase items during a sale than the day before I am supposed to teach it. Not that any of us so do that, of course! :P

Some favorites of mine for this time are fix it sentences, writing prompts, word problems, and addition/subtraction practice problems. I don't want my students to go on their three week break without that strong foundation. That is why those concepts are taught with urgency. I need my students to know how to write beautiful complete sentences by January because that is when we start our expository and narrative writing units. How can they complete an expository prompt if they cannot write a basic sentence appropriately? 

To check out the resources mentioned above, be sure to click on the following links: Fix it Sentences http://bit.ly/1SqKd70, Addition Printables http://bit.ly/1MW9TEM, Addition/Subtraction Printables http://bit.ly/1HkDLxV, Picture Prompts http://bit.ly/1NfKgxY.

Until next time! 

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Carted up and Wishlist Ready to Go!

We ate the food, we got our rest, and now we have to mentally prepare ourselves to get back in the hustle and bustle of the school flow! This sale couldn't have come at a better time!  We get to save a ton of time purchasing resources right at our fingertips instead of being burdened of scavenging for resources for our lovely kiddos. We love them, but we love our time with family just a little bit more.

For this post, I've linked up with the amazing Jen from Teaching in the Tongass to bring you the top three wish listed items from my store. Along with listing the items, I will leave leave feedback from those who purchased the items so you can get a better sense of what the resources are used for.

My number one wish listed item from my store is the Book Report for Early Readers.  This 7 page product is exactly what my students need for the Common Core Reading Literature Standards. If they can successfully fill this out on their own, then they have come a long way in first grade. Within the resource, the students are also assessed on their language standards such as filling out adjectives to describe the characters.  

This was also one of the first resources I uploaded when I began selling on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I had created this item to use during an observation of a lesson for a teaching award I was nominated for in my first year of teaching.  After I won the award, my observation notes mentioned how amazing the students were doing with the resource.  It includes a writing rubric for the students to complete during the entire process. 

My observer mentioned that my 6 year olds were doing a better job using the rubric that high school students she had observed. 

The 2nd most wishlisted item is surprising because it is so new to my store. I posted my Unit 2: Addition Printables to my store a couple months ago, and it took off. 

I have gotten rave reviews from my parents and students about this resource. Instead of using manipulatives during math centers, some of my students even choose to these printables.  The scaffolding, differentiated nature of this resource results in students starting with adding 0 to writing complete number sentences on their own.  

 It is also completely Common Core aligned! 

My third most wishlisted item is the  Picture Prompts: A Vocabulary and Language Building Writing Activity. 

I'm in a special population where almost 100% of our students are English Language Learners and they need a lot of CELDT practice. If you are not familiar, that is a yearly English Proficiency test for California students.  It's important to keep pushing our students to improve their English Language proficiency, and the two hardest things for them are writing and vocabulary.  This resource makes it that much easier for them to excel. 

Make sure to follow my store for new resources and sales. Most importantly do not forget about the Teachers Pay Teachers sitewide sale! Everything will be 28% off, so scroll through your wishlist and see what your students and you cannot do without! Use the code 'smile' at checkout for automatic discounts. Love you all! Till next time! 

We All Need it, We've All Been Waiting for It! Cyber Sale 2015 Here We Come!

I am happy to say that 55 AMAZING TPT teachers have come together to bring you an amazing cyber sales from November 30th-December 1st! It's an exciting time because our stores will be 20% off, and Teachers Pay Teachers is also offering an extra discount on top of all that!

Download the PDF to access the 55 clickable TPT stores to amazing creators!

When you click my store, make sure to visit the Addition Printables resource! It is becoming a top seller, and my students can't have enough of these no prep math printables.  

This resources is broken up into four parts that develop in a way so that the students are writing complete number sentences by the end.  To start, the students learn to add 0.  There are 4 pages on adding 0. 

After the students add 0, they begin to add 1. The students will have 4 pages of adding 1 to a number less than 10. The goal is for students to be able to know the sums of these number sentences almost immediately as they see it. 

The next step is for the students to add to 10.  Instead of using their fingers, I have the students practice using dice, dominoes, and pictures.  The students also have another 4 pages of adding to 10. 

The last step is to have the students write number sentences.  This section has 5 pages to ensure the students are doing their job creating number sentences by using pictures, dominoes, and dice. 

The last part of this resource is the Writing Number Sentences section.  This is when my students and I start talking about "equations, addends, sums, and everything in between".  This resource has developed in a way so students are perfectly capable of creating these number sentences.  

Well, I hope you have an awesome Cyber Sale! If you enjoyed the Addition Printables, make sure to come back for the Counting & Number Sense Printables.  Until next time!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Featured Teacher Tuesday: Heidi Martin



This week our Featured Teacher is Heidi Martin from Droppin' Knowledge!

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Heidi Martin is a 1st Grade Teacher & Whole Brain Teaching Staff Member!  She is also a mother of a 13 year old daughter (lord help her), a newlywed, and expecting a baby boy in January!

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 7.15.34 PM.png

Heidi has been a teacher for 4 years at a priority school in Racine, WI.  You can read all about her teaching journey HERE!  She was voted 2nd best teacher in her county last year & recently won 3rd Runner up in the Thred-Up – Raise a Hand for Teachers Campaign!  Heidi has a passion for helping under-privileged students & loves to watch her First Graders grow into leaders.  Through Whole Brain Teaching, Heidi teaches her students to become teachers & run a self-managing classroom.  Whole Brain Teachers like to call it “teacher heaven”!  You can read all about Heidi’s WBT Journey here!

If you want to learn more about Whole Brain Teaching, join Heidi for WBT Wednesdays on her blog and Blab.IM show! Just search WBT on Blab to find upcoming & past shows!

Besides running her blog, Heidi is also a TpT Author!  You can find her store at Droppin’ Knowledge with Heidi Martin. Some of her newest products include…

These packs are perfect for working on sentence structure while team-building at the same time!

To see how she uses these in her classroom (and see other versions available), CLICK HERE!

Her **BEST SELLER** is her Editable Newsletter Templates!

This comes in a PowerPoint format so all you have to do is add your own text!

Now, how about some FREEBIES?

For 2 days only (November 17th & 18th), you can get a copy of Heidi’s Add the Room activity ~ November Edition! & the Add the Room DECEMBER edition for FREE!

A favorite forever freebie are Heidi’s “Author Check” cards!
Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 5.54.33 PM.png

Get more Freebies HERE!

Thank you for checking out this week’s Featured Teacher!  Have a Happy Thanksgiving and we will see you back on Tuesday, December 1st to meet Elisabeth from Literacy and Lattes!