Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Youtube Channel

So if you have not already noticed, I absolutely love talking about teaching and my students. One of the problems I face is talking to individuals about what I'm passionate (teaching) and realize that they are bored out of their minds!!! I kept thinking about how I could possibly be a better teacher if I don't talk about what I do, or even collaborate with others on my staff. Well, one glorious morning while I was watching a makeup tutorial on Youtube and applying my makeup, I had a light bulb erupt in my head. I would create my own Youtube channel and talk as much as I can about teacher, and no one can say anything about it!

Sooooooo, guess what I did. No kids, no husband (yet), family so far away, I decided that I had enough time on my hands to blog, teach, and create a Youtube account. How hard could it be right?! :P

I was wayy over my head, but since one of the things I teach my students to do is persevere, that it exactly what I did. I cleaned my room, set up the filming space, did my research on good lighting, did my makeup, and eventually filmed the first "about me" video.  I was so nervous and flustered, but that was not even the worst part. I learned the hard way that I needed to know how to edit. So, because I am so impatient and I wanted to get the video done asap, I pseudo edited and posted. Boy, it can only go up from here, let me tell you.

Well, if you want to see that video and subscribe to the channel, please click here! :)

The video is right here! :)

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