Monday, September 29, 2014

Top 10 Best Teacher Websites

I love to plan when I am right in front of the computer.  I feel like there are 10 or so websites I am constantly visiting when I plan.  They make life so much easier for me, and I wanted to share them with you all. The following ten websites are not in any order, and I love them all equally.

1. Teachers Pay Teachers This is the best website to check out if you are planning your lessons. It has 'Pay' in the name, but you can get a million or more resources for free if you do not want to pay.  There are lessons for Preschool-College. Trust me, you will find whatever you are looking for there.

2. Teaching Tolerance This is a wonderful website for teachers that are aimed to teach for social justice and tolerance. There are a million resources on this site, and their newsletters are also super fun! They even have film kits that you can get for free if you are a teacher.  On top of all of that, they offer free professional development webinars!

Enjoy this trailer from their youtube.

3.  Youtube Need I say anything else? Amazing websites for professional development, videos to show students, and everything else in between. Don't forget to check out my Youtube Channel!

4. Common Curriculum This is an online lesson planner. It is completely customizable, and they creators of this website made it so easy to share lessons/units with colleagues. It is especially wonderful for teachers that are mandated to turn lesson plans into principals. It is very user-friendly, and the flexibility of it makes it wonderful.

Here is a screen shot of one of my units.

5. Engrade This is an online grade book. I love this because I can access it on my ipad. They don't have an app yet, but it is so extremely simple that it works great with the web browser. If I could describe this website in three words it would be: simple, easy, and fast.

6. Discovery Education Discovery Ed is completely free, and totally resourceful. They have lesson plans for K-12, for all subjects. I was suprrised to find that Discovery Ed was not only science, but social studies, English, math, technology, and even health. They also have educational videos that students can watch and learn from. Check it out!

7. Teaching Channel This is a great website where teachers post videos of them teaching in the classroom. It's a great place to get ideas and inspiration.  I see some of the most amazing teachers on this channel.  In addition to searching and finding lessons that might come in handy, you can also create a lesson planner inside the website where you save certain videos to come back to them next.

8. Edutopia This website is very similar teaching channel but it focuses on the academic educations conversations. I always learn a lot of what's new and hot in the educational world by checking this website out. It's not the best immediate planning help, but it definitely helps for the long run.

9. Read Write Think This website focuses on student literacy, but the best thing about this website is the free professional development webinars. You can never watch too many of these. They also have lessons and even handouts.

10. Pinterest I love the visuals on Pinterest.  I can search something I am looking to teach in, and all I see are visuals. They are so easy to look through. I also love that I can make boards for the different months and themes. When I was teaching first grade, I taught in themes. Each month there was a new theme/units, so anything I saw related to those themes/units, I placed into those boards. Please take my word for it and check Pinterest out, if you haven't already.

Which one of these is your favorite? Also, if you have any other favorites please leave the website in the comments section. I would love to hear from you all.

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