Saturday, April 12, 2014

What does Bullying Look Like in the Classroom?

You may have known that I am in graduate school, but you probably do not know that I go to school almost every single Saturday form 8-4.  I cherish these days because I learn so much from my graduate advisors, workshops, and lectures. 

 Today I had the pleasure of learning about creating a safe classroom that was positive and productive for learning. It was at first very difficult to begin discussing bullying, especially because my advisor began with the video below.  Please check it out! I was bawling like a baby because I was remembering all those times I was bullied  as a kid.  :(

I also began this series of posts because it is also something that students are faced with on an everyday basis!  The first part will be identifying what bullying looks like.  

(Side note) I am being very careful as to not call the students that have bullied "bullies," because I want to focus on the actions of bullying rather than naming students as "bullies." 

What is bullying?

  • throwing things
  • throwing spit balls
  • tripping
  • snatching things
  • punching
  • kicking
  • stealing
  • confining

  • name calling
  • dismissing gossiping
  • rumor spreading
  • hate speech
  • rejection 
  • threatening
  • exlcusion

  • texting 
  • messaging
  • spreading pictures
If you see anyone of these actions in class or school, please do not take it lightly! It is a serious issue needs to be dealt with. 

second part of Bullying to be continued...

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