Monday, April 14, 2014

American Flag Comes to Life

My class is learning about the American Flag right now!!! :) I thought it was be a boring topic for them, but so far it's going great! 

Here is one of the videos I played for my students. It was a complete hit!  They made me play it two times.  This video really brought to life the history of the American flag.  

After we watched this video, I asked for a couple of volunteers to play as George Washington and Betsy Ross.  I scripted to those students what to say, but after my volunteers did that, the other students were able to practice their own mini-skit about the creation of the American flag.  I think this really helped my students remember the story, because I had parents tell me that their kids were practicing the skits at home. :)

Before we practiced writing in guided practice, the class and I read a poem about the flag.  There are about a million of them online, so choose the one best for your class. 

We then went into the writing portion.  My students gave me the ideas, and I wrote them down. 
I <3 my Ipevo. It was only $60 on Amazon. Which reminds me....I <3 Amazon. 
Here's a student sample. My students totally were digging the American Flag mini-lesson. 

More student samples from students from varying levels.  
I couldn't imagine teaching writing without guided writing.  

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