Friday, March 28, 2014

States of Matter Unit Part 1

I have waited for this unit the whole year! I loved the science labs I did when I was younger that were related to liquids, solids, and gases.  I plan on allowing doing a lot of those labs with my first graders.  

Click this Google doc if you want to see what unit I was following.  I found it on the this website, but I made it look pretty and presentable.  For the future, I will be posting what worked along with what didn't work.  

I started off by introducing the states of matter unit.  I tried to get their prior knowledge, but asking these questions I found in this big science book. Boy, was I happy when I found this in here.  

Then I had these mystery box that I taped around the sides so the kids didn't see the inside.  I placed a bunch of solids and a couple of liquids inside of it.  I would introduce one solid, and ask the students some questions about it.  They were totally into this! 

Water with food coloring :) My students loved seeing the mixture of those two liquids. 

What a horrible picture! Remind me to take them with my real camera next time! :) I had my students pair-sharing to get them talking to one another.  When I checked for understanding, I would write down some of their suggestions.  

Here is my anchor chart, but I think I need to make a nicer one.  It is not pretty!! I will post the updated anchor chart. I plan on using the same anchor chart throughout the entire unit.  

In the independent activity I had my students in heterogeneous groups.  Each group had three students, and each of them was supposed to choose their own state of matter. They would have to look through the magazine and cut out pictures of their state of matter.

I also allowed them to present, and this was their absolutely favorite part.  They love to talk and share with one another. I truly wouldn't think of having them do an activity like this without sharing with one another.  

Overall, it was a very good science day! :)  They were very excited for the unit to unravel in the next few weeks.

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