Thursday, March 27, 2014

Literacy Centers Struggles

If you have read my previous posts about having Daily 5, literacy stations, in my blog, then you know how much I absolutely adore this very special time. The studenta are free to practice their reading and writing at their own pace, with the  activity of their choice.

Here is our word work station. I have lots of paper, pencils, color pencils, manipulatives, word work worksheets. I will make sure to update this post to link where I got those worksheets. 

These students are at the reading station. These boys are reading this book, one page at a time. If they were alone, they wouldn't be motivated to read, but having someone to read to, made it that much easier for them. I allow them to choose their own book and location.

Here is the computer center. I usually take this time to to pair students with games that they require extra practice in. 

 These girls are in the writing center. These girls in particular are copying a poem, but Thera are writing short stories, making lists, writing information hey learned about a book they read... Te ideas are endless. 

Last, but not least! Here is the listening station. 

 There are so  many to choose from, but here are my top 3 reasons why I cannot imagine my class without this wonderful time. 

Top 3 Reasons I Love Daily 5!

1. It is completely differentiated in the sense that I learn what my students need help in and try to fill in those gaps by adding whatever activities they need. 

2. I get free time I work with students either one on one or in small groups all the students are buy workig in heir rations, so it is a great time for me to call a few students by my side to work with them. I feel like I am not stretched thin because of this flexibility. 

3. My students love it! They can't wait for the time to work independently on what they need.

I'm happy, they're happy, everyone's happy......excepts when things go wrong. And boy, did things go wrong today. 

-The internet wasn't working.
-the stereo's noise was muffled
-spelling words were not printed out
-headphones were semi broken

It was horrible, and I was rushing from place to place trying to fix it all. I learned that I need to have a back up plan for each of those stations if the same technology problems occured again. So, learn from my mistakes, and prepare a plan B! :) 

'Til next time! <3 

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