Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How I Created a Safe, Learning Classroom Community

Before I got into my graduate program, looked for a job, got hired, and came to school on my first day as a teacher, my main goal was to create a  classroom that was a safe environment with the sole purpose of learning.  Creating that environment was very important to me.  

In my undergraduate days at UCSD, I read many journal articles about theory and practice in the classroom. I was immediately drawn to the concept that students learn best when they feel safe and free to explore and learn.  So starting then I drew up an action plan to fight for that type of environment. Here is a list of what my action plan was for creating that lovely atmosphere that allow my students  to thrive in now. 

My Action Plan
  1.  Create rules and guildlines from day one. 
    • create, at most, five rules for the classroom
    • discuss the rules with the kids and the purpose of the rules
    • stay constistant with the rules
    • have positive reinforcements and consequences (MAKE a PLAN)
  2. Build positive, healthy relationships with every single one of my students.
    • show them that I care
    • show them that I love them
    • show them that I am a human being
    • show them that I want to know what kind of people they are
    • show them that they matter 
  3. Let my students know that mistakes happen!
    • They will not be perfect, nor do I expect them to be.
    • Teach them that mistakes help us learn.
    • Show them that I will not get mad because they made a mistake.
  4. Provide ways of communication.
    • teacher mail box
    • happy notes home
  5.  Have three-four weeks of classroom community building activities in the beginning of the year. 
    • community building embedded in lessons
    • getting to know
    • getting to know student activities
  6.  Have continued classroom community building activities the rest of the year. 
    • incorporate at least one community building activity a week
    • create lessons that are 

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