Saturday, November 23, 2013

Teacher Binder Pictures

Some people have been commenting on how organized I may seem, and I wanted to share my secret. Before school started I did some research, and a lot of veteran teachers spoke of heir "teacher binders" so highly. I thought, "Hey, I should have one." So after perusing teacher blogs, Pinterest (<3), and teacherspayteachers I made a list of all the documents I would need. 

Here is the list...

Class schedule
School schedule
Monthly calendar
Daily objectives for subjects
Year at a glance
Houghton mifflin reading weekly schedule
Readers workshop lessons
Readers workshops small group assessments
Writers workshops schedule
Writers workshops assent forms
Reflections journal
Monthly centers schedules
Science experiments for the year
Accomodtions/ differentiation strategies
Student/parent information
Student usernames/passwords for AR & IXL

It's a lot, but it will pay off every. dang. day. 

2" binder. Please don't mind my pjs. :)

Copy of weekly class schedule

Pencil holder with everything I might need

I use Avery note tabs from the 99 cent store. I attach them to sheet protectors. It is cheap and effective. 
Daily objectives...

Duty schedule
I am a visual person, just like everybody else, so I color code. 

Daily objectives for subjects

Houghton reading plan( I found it online)

Guided reading observation notes.

And it goes on and on. If you would like any of the documents, please email me and I would live to send it to you. 

Have a great Saturday! And happy thanksgiving! 

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