Sunday, November 17, 2013

Literacy Centers Pictures

One of my favorite times in class is the Daily 5.  During these literacy centers, the students are truly in charge of what they learn and how much they learn.   I love that it is incredibly differentiated for all the different learning styles and learning abilities.  It is also my favorite time because my students love them!  Ten weeks into the daily 5, and I still have to remind my students to cheer silently when it is 8:20 (Daily 5 time). 

I begin my Daily 5 centers by calling the students that will be in the teacher group first to my center.  Then I choose the tables of student to change their clip to their desired station.  The students have folders that they write down which station they were at every day.  Once they have recorded which station(s) they plan on being during that day, they quickly maneuver themselves in the tiny room we have to their station.  

The stations include: Read to self, read to someone, work work, work on writing, and listen to reading. 

They are all equally popular, and the students enjoy that there is not only one way of doing word work or work on writing.  They are free to explore, create, and learn however they choose.  This option of choice really gets all of their attentions.  How can they complain about doing something if they choose it, right? :)

Well, here are some pictures + details.  Also, I would like to add that there is no one way of doing Daily 5, but picking and choosing what works with your class. 

Word Work: a board game that helps students identify, isolate, and replace sounds of letters. This is great for emerging readers.  I have conversations individually with my students, so they know what level they are at, and what they need to work on.  We also make a list together on things they can work on during the Daily 5 to help them be better readers and writers.  
Here is that same phonetic game another student is playing during word work. 
At this table, two students are writing in their journal, and one student it working on word work.  This student is matching the beginning of a word to another word.  Once he matches two sounds to make a word, he writes it down on a piece of paper.  
This students loves writing in his journal.  He has the option to do writing in his journal everyday as long as he does other centers once a week. 
Here are a couple of students working together.  They are facing the spelling words chart, and they are stamping out the letters to make the spelling words.  They can take it a step further by creating sentences with the spelling words.  Any work they do, they are to place it in the Daily 5 folder for me to check. 
Here is our listening station.  Our parents were so generous that they bought us a listening station with a few books with CDs. I have them in a few different levels, so the students can still learn as they listen to reading that is beyond their level.  Right now, they are listening to Curious George books. 

And another couple of students reading...

These students are doing word work by building the words and then writing them down with pencil. 

Here is a read to self student.

I hope this helps you! Please message me if you have any questions or comments!

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