Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hope for Our English Language Learners

Hello! It has been awhile! Boy has it been a fun year so far! I do still plan on uploading stuff on Daily 6, math centers, and classroom management strategies.  Before that, I wanted to share strategies on how to reach our English Language Learners.  They are such an important part of our classroom, and we as teachers, need to support and challenge them as much as possible. 

Some strategies that can help our ELL students are using thinking maps in our daily instruction.  They can be used as a instructional tool or an assessment. The one shown in the picture below is used in a 5th grade math class.  There are many more that can be used in class. 

Other strategies may include front loading information/content/lesson objectives, using multilingual literature to allow for cultural responsive teaching practices, and something as simple as think-pair-share.  

I have discussed some strategies to use in class, but here are some things that educators should not do.  Although some of us have great intention of having all of our students succeed, we still do things that may hinder that learning to take place.  It is important for us to recognize what those harmful strategies look like and take initiative to fix or limit them.

Thank you wonderful teachers for reading! Let's go change lives!

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