Friday, August 9, 2013

First Year Teacher, and Already a Hoarder

Hi everyone, my name is Liana Nazaretyan, and I am about to be an elementary school teacher! I wanted to create this blog so I can track how I grow as an educator.  I know it will also be extremely fun to look back and see all of the crazy things I attempted and failed at. Don't get me wrong. I am go-getter and I work tirelessly, but I know that I won't achieve a lot of success until I try a few things that are crazy in the classroom. 

Anyways, I had such an exciting day today!  Today I visited my excellent high school English teacher, Mr. Mendelsohn.  I went to go pick his brain on any teacher wisdom he can offer, and boy did I come out with some excellent ideas!  He's been teaching for about 30 years, so he thought to share some goodies that would work well in my class. 

Apparently, teachers are total hoarders, and I will soon have this addiction too.  This map is huge, and I don't know the uses for it in my classroom yet, but I know that I don't want to give it up! Also, please excuse my mess of a car. I'm currently in graduate school, so the only things I have time for are reading, writing, sleeping, and eating. Sorry, cleaning. 

I also inherited some posters! There were about eight of them. I will be in an elementary school classroom, so I don't know if these will work in my class.  
After all of that I went to target and dollar tree, and I found me some great items for the classrooms.
Crayola markeres ($1), glue, rulers, charts, tape
I bought about 40 baskets for my classroom. I love the cool colors, because I thought the colors would calm my students down. 

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