Saturday, November 23, 2013

Teacher Binder Pictures

Some people have been commenting on how organized I may seem, and I wanted to share my secret. Before school started I did some research, and a lot of veteran teachers spoke of heir "teacher binders" so highly. I thought, "Hey, I should have one." So after perusing teacher blogs, Pinterest (<3), and teacherspayteachers I made a list of all the documents I would need. 

Here is the list...

Class schedule
School schedule
Monthly calendar
Daily objectives for subjects
Year at a glance
Houghton mifflin reading weekly schedule
Readers workshop lessons
Readers workshops small group assessments
Writers workshops schedule
Writers workshops assent forms
Reflections journal
Monthly centers schedules
Science experiments for the year
Accomodtions/ differentiation strategies
Student/parent information
Student usernames/passwords for AR & IXL

It's a lot, but it will pay off every. dang. day. 

2" binder. Please don't mind my pjs. :)

Copy of weekly class schedule

Pencil holder with everything I might need

I use Avery note tabs from the 99 cent store. I attach them to sheet protectors. It is cheap and effective. 
Daily objectives...

Duty schedule
I am a visual person, just like everybody else, so I color code. 

Daily objectives for subjects

Houghton reading plan( I found it online)

Guided reading observation notes.

And it goes on and on. If you would like any of the documents, please email me and I would live to send it to you. 

Have a great Saturday! And happy thanksgiving! 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Literacy Centers Pictures

One of my favorite times in class is the Daily 5.  During these literacy centers, the students are truly in charge of what they learn and how much they learn.   I love that it is incredibly differentiated for all the different learning styles and learning abilities.  It is also my favorite time because my students love them!  Ten weeks into the daily 5, and I still have to remind my students to cheer silently when it is 8:20 (Daily 5 time). 

I begin my Daily 5 centers by calling the students that will be in the teacher group first to my center.  Then I choose the tables of student to change their clip to their desired station.  The students have folders that they write down which station they were at every day.  Once they have recorded which station(s) they plan on being during that day, they quickly maneuver themselves in the tiny room we have to their station.  

The stations include: Read to self, read to someone, work work, work on writing, and listen to reading. 

They are all equally popular, and the students enjoy that there is not only one way of doing word work or work on writing.  They are free to explore, create, and learn however they choose.  This option of choice really gets all of their attentions.  How can they complain about doing something if they choose it, right? :)

Well, here are some pictures + details.  Also, I would like to add that there is no one way of doing Daily 5, but picking and choosing what works with your class. 

Word Work: a board game that helps students identify, isolate, and replace sounds of letters. This is great for emerging readers.  I have conversations individually with my students, so they know what level they are at, and what they need to work on.  We also make a list together on things they can work on during the Daily 5 to help them be better readers and writers.  
Here is that same phonetic game another student is playing during word work. 
At this table, two students are writing in their journal, and one student it working on word work.  This student is matching the beginning of a word to another word.  Once he matches two sounds to make a word, he writes it down on a piece of paper.  
This students loves writing in his journal.  He has the option to do writing in his journal everyday as long as he does other centers once a week. 
Here are a couple of students working together.  They are facing the spelling words chart, and they are stamping out the letters to make the spelling words.  They can take it a step further by creating sentences with the spelling words.  Any work they do, they are to place it in the Daily 5 folder for me to check. 
Here is our listening station.  Our parents were so generous that they bought us a listening station with a few books with CDs. I have them in a few different levels, so the students can still learn as they listen to reading that is beyond their level.  Right now, they are listening to Curious George books. 

And another couple of students reading...

These students are doing word work by building the words and then writing them down with pencil. 

Here is a read to self student.

I hope this helps you! Please message me if you have any questions or comments!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hope for Our English Language Learners

Hello! It has been awhile! Boy has it been a fun year so far! I do still plan on uploading stuff on Daily 6, math centers, and classroom management strategies.  Before that, I wanted to share strategies on how to reach our English Language Learners.  They are such an important part of our classroom, and we as teachers, need to support and challenge them as much as possible. 

Some strategies that can help our ELL students are using thinking maps in our daily instruction.  They can be used as a instructional tool or an assessment. The one shown in the picture below is used in a 5th grade math class.  There are many more that can be used in class. 

Other strategies may include front loading information/content/lesson objectives, using multilingual literature to allow for cultural responsive teaching practices, and something as simple as think-pair-share.  

I have discussed some strategies to use in class, but here are some things that educators should not do.  Although some of us have great intention of having all of our students succeed, we still do things that may hinder that learning to take place.  It is important for us to recognize what those harmful strategies look like and take initiative to fix or limit them.

Thank you wonderful teachers for reading! Let's go change lives!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Back to School Night

It has been such a busy first month, but I feel like things are starting to come under control.  Because I am a new teacher, I had to buy a lot of things to use for the classroom and make centers for math, ela, science, and social studies.  Thankfully, many of the parents in the classroom were more than willing to help out. I will add many pictures soon on what kind of centers I picked up for the first month of September.  

On a MUCH lighter topic, I hosted my very first back to school night.  It was a complete success! All my parents shows up and I was able to showcase a little about what we do in our classroom.  At first I was extremely nervous  but the parents were just so incredibly supportive.  Here are some of the pictures I took.  

My wishlist was posted on these stars.  The parents were able to pull off the stars, and on the bottom was a smaller post-it that had the same information on it.  It included the item and the donator's name.  This made it easier for me to track who picked what. 

This was the "Who am I?" wall. The parents had such a great time arguing about who was there child.  The kids even tried "making it easier" for their parents to choose.  I will definitely do this every year.   

 Here was the set up on the students' desks.  On each desk was a handwritten note to the parents, a welcome package, sheet for parents to take notes, and a list of of educational websites for the parents. 
The parents were super excited about the popcorn.  I didn't think it would be such a great hit.  

Here is a completed English Language Arts focus wall.  

This was one of the student work that I had up on the walls.  

Here is an entrance view of my classroom.  I had a 200 picture slideshow going before and after my presentation to the parents.  They loved seeing their kids completely and utterly immersed in the work, centers, and presentations.  

Here are my back walls.  

Sign in sheet and greeting for the parents

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Class Promise

I almost forgot! I wanted to share this our class promise.  We refer back to it all the time. I put it on the door so my kiddos would always see it. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

About the Teacher Picture Book

I wanted to share my "About Ms. Liana" book because it was such a hit! I felt like my students felt so comfortable with me after I read my book to them.  Let me show you pictures before I go. 
Here is the cover.

I always see my students picking up the book to read during reading workshops.  I plan on adding more pages in the future, so if I do I will add the new pictures. 

Writing Journal Prompts Powerpoint FREEBIE

I created a powerpoint of writing prompts that Kindergarten or 1st graders can use to get started on journaling.  This usually happens as a do it now before writing workshop begins.  I get to read after them and write notes back.  So far, my students love it!

Procedures in the First Few Weeks

Hello there,

My second week of school has finally concluded, and I get to breathe!  (a little bit at least)  My goal for the first two weeks was to create a loving, caring family and learning atmosphere.  My second goal was teaching the procedures for everyday routines.  Boy was it tough! I love my kiddos, but it sure takes a lot of patience to constantly, kindly remind students where they should be, how they should behave in different situations, where to throw away trash, when to get bathroom, and all of that good stuff.

Here is the list of procedures I used in case you wanted to know. You can modify according to your class.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Classroom Reveal Pictures Galore

It's done, finally done!!! :) I had never known how time extensive and difficult it was to create a classroom.  I hope it is like this only in the beginning.  There are so many people I was to thank for helping me create my wonderful classroom.  God, mom, principle, boyfriend <3, fellow teachers, and my wonderful friends. Love you guys. Well, without further ado, here they are!

Here is a picture from the door looking in.  I have the smart board on one wall, white board on another, and my cabinets are on the opposite wall that is not shown.  You can also see the teacher easel that I had purchased earlier on Amazon. I love it!

Here is another picture from the door. I have 14 first graders this year, and I wanted to make sure that my students had enough room to walk around and not feel stuck in any one location. 

My little library is still a work in progress. As a new teacher, I still have to add to my library.  I am also still in the process of labeling each book so that the students know where to put the book back after they read it. 

I decided to add a little lamp so have more light in the library.  It like that it creates a softer and warmer environment in the library.  It is also more homey.  

Here is my science center..I still have to add class pets. any suggestions?  (Special thanks to my mom for buying me these beautiful plants)

I plan on having my lovely students writing in the science observations journal during the writing centers.  This is mainly for the students that are drawn to nature.  We have to account for the multiple intelligences in our classes. 

Here is a close up of the pretty plants.

Here is a view of my parent board. It is set right by the door so when my student's parents come in, they feel welcome.  I have parent, student, teacher responsibilities, a poem just for them, and other information/pictures. 

I do not have much wall space, so the calendar went underneath the smart board.

These are my monthly bins.  Any books I will be reading for the month, I will put here.  I also will keep any other handouts or manipulatives for lessons I will need. 

student mail boxes

my door

word wall

area for students to put their books

small group area

cool down spot, writing center, listening/computer center

I plan on implementing Rick Morris strategies in my classroom so I brought my class cd player to the front of the room where the white board is.  I want to use music and short clips for transition times.  I plan on also playing music during student independent production time.
Here is my objectives/daily 5/date board.
Daily schedule

focus wall is above the library

I would like to talk about my authors to my first graders, and so we will be looking up where the authors are from and finding it on the map.

I love my cool down spot!  I have a journal, pens, pencils, markers, headphones to keep out music, sand timer, ball, and plant for my buddies that need a little cooling down to do.  Although I love this station, I hope that I do not use it often.

Here is my classroom from my desk in the corner. 

Here is the helping hands wall.  We will be making the hands and writing the names on as soon as my students come in next week!  I plan on changing the jobs every 2 weeks. 

Here is my teacher desk.  I have not worked on this area just yet.  I will provide updated pictures later.

And last but not least, here is our timeline wall.  I saw this idea on Pinterest, and I absolutely loved it!  I can't wait to take the first picture on the first day of class.  

Well, here is my classroom.  It was my very first time setting up my classroom, and I had a blast! Let me know if you like anything or have any suggestions! :)